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Web Interface

Receive customers, direct and unfiltered
feedback, through our web interface.


Improving the Guest Experience is important.

Creating a Memorable Experience is paramount.


Instant Feedback

Custom Surveys

Private Label

Introducing AppTech Gateway Marketing


Nearly every Day, all over the world people frequent businesses for goods and services.  We’re here to help your business grow by creating the most loyal customers on the face of the planet.  AppTech Gateway Marketing has created a powerful Web Based Interface whereby real-time feedback and survey analytics are made available in a user-friendly dashboard. Where in just a few minutes, subscribers can register their businesses. Then use our custom survey builder or use a pre-written survey from our extensive library, to glean information about your patrons. Maybe that’s a customer’s opinion of your product, your service or your hospitality. Or quite possible would just like learn how your employees are performing in your customers eyes.

The survey’s become live within about 15 seconds in our sister company’s app, The “Apptech Gateway Portal” where you can engage your customers directly. Here businesses can improve retention by directly engaging with their customers thru surveys and potentially acquire new customers with a strong ROI.

“The worse thing that can happen to a business owner, is to have customers leave your establishment, never to return without knowing the reason they have decided to take their business elsewhere”.

AppTech Gateway, COO
Chris Duzan

With an AppTech Gateway Subscription, you can know the mind of your customers, before losing them or worse escalating an unresolved issue to the point where they are leaving negative postings on social media or review websites, because staff didn’t have the tools to fix a customer’s problem.

With AppTech Gateway, you can learn about your customer’s experience with your business. Sign-up for your 30-Day FREE trial today ATGDASHBOARD.COM.

The Problems

Unsatisfied Guest

No Resolution customers negative experiences, No repeat business

Review Website

It only takes one unaddressed bad experience.

Poor Retention

It only takes one unaddressed bad experience.


Effectively identify issues with data directly from customers

Scarce Analytics

Effectively identify issues with data directly from customers


Receive direct and unfiltered customer feedback through our web interface.


Real-time notifications
to select designee’s


Empower mid-level and
front-line staff.


Guage staff performance
with real-time data.

30-Day FREE Trial

We are so convinced that you will love what our service is able to do for you business.

You will see the real-time data on your employees and your customers and be able to make your decision before paying a dime.

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