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Web Interface

Receive customers, direct and unfiltered
feedback, through our web interface.


Improving the Guest Experience is important.

Creating a Memorable Experience is paramount.

Igniting Unprecedented
Brand Loyalty

A new way to engage with
customers from across the globe.


Instant Feedback

Custom Surveys

Private Label

Introducing The AppTech Portal

All over the world people frequent businesses for goods and services nearly every day.  We’re here to help your business grow by creating the most loyal customers on the face of the planet.  AppTech Gateway has created a rewarding new way for businesses and customers to connect live. 

Businesses gain insightful real-time knowledge provided by both returning and new customers via live feedback.  When an App user, is near one of your store locations, they’ll see whatever current incentive your store is offering within the Portal App to gain their patronage.

See the FREE AppTech Portal App in action, watch the Be Rewarded video to the right.  Check out the AppTech Portal YouTube channel to learn more.  Portal Playlist

Portal App users can be notified when near your business by pushing any current promotion directly to  the App users’ phone.  The Portal searches by category and brand, whatever an App user desires; restaurants, hotels and lodging, retail and services.

Businesses create custom surveys that ask relative questions of your customers, that in turn will help your business thrive by giving the absolute best customer experience possible. 

The Portal App is part of the world’s digital ecosphere for generations.  Find all the great features inside the totally FREE AppTech Portal App that will keep users engaged with your business for years to come.

  • Help A Friend – FREE – Portal App users can share a special code with their most trusted contacts which allows the contact to send a ‘Lost in car’ signal to ring a friend’s phone.
  • Stop My Phone! – FREE – A way to help you retrieve your lost or left behind phone.
  • Phone Ringer – FREE – The phone ringer part of the App will allow you to ring your phone remotely from a web site or you can have a trusted friend ring your phone.
  • i-Wish – FREE – A way to contact all of your friends, family and loved ones with the push of a button.
  • Match-It – Always FREE, Win cash prizes as little as a $1 to $100 or even possibly more.  When you win, charity wins 50/50.
  • Find out more by visiting & subscribing to our YouTube channel.  AppTech Portal Channel

Features of Our App

This is an app that expertly combines instant and real-time feedback from your customers along with a fun loyalty rewards system. You can entice your customers to be regular and loyal to your brand while staying in tune to their needs and any challenges they may encounter during their visit to your business.


Instant Feedback

Custom Surveys

Private Label

The Problems

Unsatisfied Guest

No Resolution customers negative experiences, No repeat business

Review Website

It only takes one unaddressed bad experience.

Poor Retention

It only takes one unaddressed bad experience.


Effectively identify issues with data directly from customers

Scarce Analytics

Effectively identify issues with data directly from customers


Receive direct and unfiltered customer feedback through our web interface.


Real-time notifications
to select designee’s


Empower mid-level and
front-line staff.


Guage staff performance
with real-time data.

30-Day FREE Trial

We are so convinced that you will love what this App is able to do for your business.

You will see the real-time data on your employees and your customers and be able to make your decision before paying a dime.

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