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There is no business like repeat business and the feedback that returning guests can offer through…

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Introducing The AppTech Portal

  • This new App truly is appropriately named “The Portal”.
  • The power behind “The Portal” is AppTech Gateway’s custom built web interface where businesses can analyze real-time data as it is submitted by “The Portal” app users.
  • Businesses can create custom customer surveys or use one from the survey library.
  • Access phenomenal reporting and create/customize any info needed survey.
  • Why would anyone use “The Portal” app?

Here’s Why,

  • Receive real-time information from your business users without third-party influences such as Expedia, Trip Advisor or Yelp……just you, and your business users direct.
  • After downloading the Free App, users register The Portal App with their contact information.
  • Users will check-in to one of our businesses/sponsors on “Nearby Rewards”.
  • Users answer survey questions on their experience with staff, product, site, etc.
  • Real-time reporting generated from user feedback delivered immediately via the Web Interface. SMS / Notifications to designated managerial and/or other on-duty personnel.
  • Reporting – Any business would love to have live feedback with real-time reporting about their customer’s experience.
  • Unsatisfied Guest

    No Resolution customers negative experiences, No repeat business

  • Poor Retention

    It only takes one unaddressed bad experience.

  • Training

    Effectively identify issues with data directly from customers.

  • Scarce Analytics

    Effectively identify issues with data directly from customers


    Real-time notifications to select designee’s

    Empower mid-level and front-line staff.


    Guage staff performance with real-time data.

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