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Quality and consistent service:

It is highly recommended to stay in a hotel where the customer service is not only great but consistent. Guests should not be treated to dramatic oscillations in service. The best chains of hotels are those that have employees that are attentive and discreet at all times. It is the name of the brand and one that makes a hotel great.


Apart from the customer service, the best hotels are those that can greet you by name, even if it’s your first time staying with them. This displays incredible information-gathering and management. This signifies that the chain is ready and can take the next step in ensuring a pleasant stay.

Children’s amenities: More parents are choosing a hotel for their family vacations. The reason is simple; families get to rest away from their home in a comfy and safe environment. However, not all hotels are equipped to handle all of the kids’ needs. Parents should take the time to research on which hotels would be able to distract their children.

This is different from the general service but on the same level. Great hotels have impeccable concierge service. Guests should be made to feel that they can rely on the concierge to make dinner reservations or find the best local playground. Concierges should also address all transportation concerns.